It's not only the luxurious sailboat that makes your vacation so exceptional; the crew is the one ready to fulfill your vacation travel dreams, from long sailing, unforgettable snorkeling experience, adventure-oriented or sports-oriented vacation, culinary and cultural experience of Dalmatia and the Mediterranean, to siesta – in Dalmatia well-known as fjaka.

Vicko Ozretic

Age: 44
Languages: English, Italian cv
Vicko has been dedicated to the water sports for his whole life, first as an active swimmer and later as a sailor. From being just a sport, the sailing has become his job and the lifetime occupation. The sea is in his blood.  He completed the Faculty of Maritime Studies, Study Programme of Nautical Engineering, has all the yachting certificates and keeps investing in his skills and knowledge.
 He visited the whole Mediterranean,  crossed the Atlantic 5 times in both directions as a skipper of Lagoon 560 “4JOY”  and Lagoon 620 "PLAN B II" , worked on the Caribbean, spent two seasons on the shores of Italy and Spain, and he knows the Adriatic like the back of his hand. He worked ashore as a charter base manager and aftersales manager, where he learned very well the technical preparation of the boat and the organizational side of the job. He is sports-oriented and participates in the sailing regattas with the best Croatian sailors. He'll reveal you the most hidden parts of the Adriatic. You won't meet his boat in the marina very often and, when you find him, it means that he is restocking, the weather is bad or the guests want it that way. You'll definitely eat well and drink well with him and, the most important thing, you'll feel safe.

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